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Feel free to email me in English, Chinese or Japanese; I will try to reply in that language if possible.

In the last few years, I have had a great interest in and have done quite a bit of music transcription and arrangement of Japanese popular songs, J-Drama, Anime and Game soundtracks, mainly for piano solo and piano accompaniment, as a hobby. By sharing on this website the music scores I produced, I hope to raise others' interest in my favourite music, and that my scores may be enjoyed by others.






Music transcription/arrangement experience/milestone (and a bit of related website history):
  • 2005/08: Started transcribing J-Pop/Anime music (mainly for piano).
  • 2007: Website launched.
  • 2007/02: Arranged 2 [piano + voice] scores for CUCS Variety Show.
  • Late 2007 onwards: More focused on piano + voice scores rather than piano solo, sometimes also with violins.
  • 2008/09/22: Facebook page created.
  • 2009: Attempted songs with 3-4 vocal parts.
  • 2009/12: Started to transcribe/arrange entire strings scores (with or without a piano part).
  • 2010/01: My first orchestral score transcription - Final Fantasy VI Ending Theme (21 minutes in duration!, but without cymbals and snare drum).
  • 2010/06: Graduated = work schedule will change, and time for transcribing music...?
  • 2010/11: Arranged string orchestra accompaniment for Janne-Minke Nijp's harp composition as a sample for Build-A-Burg Records.
  • 2010/12: Website moved to fc2.com. Set up Google ads to test its feasibility in supporting the website.
  • 2011/09: JS+XML
  • 2011/11: XML+XSLT
  • 2011/11: Arranged a band score [vo+pf+gtr+b.gtr+ds] for Aeth's composition.
  • 2011/11: Learnt some standard drumset notation, started making scores with a drums part or an optional drums part.
  • 2012/02: Finished one of my original goals for transcribing - "存在と無 (sonzai to mu) [pf solo]".
  • 2012/02: Transcribed a few band scores.
  • 2012/03: Transcribed a few (short, simple) orchestral scores. Completed the cymbals and snare drum parts for Final Fantasy VI Ending Theme.
  • 2012/08: Started composing and arranging original songs.
  • 2013/08: Re-written parts of the website layout with more modern html. (No more support from very old browsers, but better support for small displays.)
  • 2013/?: Goodbye?

Music trascription/arrangement has been my biggest hobby for a few years. The main motivation is that I enjoy playing music that I heard and like, and I feel much more comfortable having sheet music to look at. A byproduct is this website, where I hope to share what I have done and help others who also like music.

I take suggestions/requests for transcription, but there are often more than I can handle, so I can only complete some of them. On a related note, it is great to hear from and get to know people around the world who listen to and play the same music.

As music is my hobby, I do not take commissions to transcribe/arrange specific songs. (It would be expensive if I really charge the opportunity cost!) I am extremely grateful for those who donate in support of this website and my work (many thanks to those few - countable on one hand). I originally hoped that donations could help me move onto a more reliable webhost (other than my university society one, which expires when I graduate), but did not seem to work (less than £5 per year?). I am hoping, however, that the tiny amount earned through clicks of the Google ads on the left hand side of the website will be enough to sustain a website in the future (very unreliable so far, unless there is something good for $1 per month).

(Well, I am a graduate student. Does anyone want to employ me? XD)

Support me:


  • Anime, Japanese Music, Japanese Language, Drawing, Piano, Transcribing/arranging music (J-Pop/Anime)

Some singers/songwriters/groups that I enjoy listening to:
  • AiM, ALI PROJECT, angela, Ceui, eufonius, FictionJunction YUUKA, Gackt, 橋本みゆき (Hashimoto Miyuki),
  • Kalafina, カノン (Kanon), 影山ヒロノブ (Kageyama Hironobu), KOKIA, KOTOKO, 栗林みな実 (Kuribayashi Minami),
  • Lia, 水樹奈々 (Mizuki Nana), m.o.v.e, Rin', savage genius, タイナカサチ (Tainaka Sachi), T.M.Revolution, TWO-MIX

Favourite song composers/arrangers (and some of my favourites of their works):
  • 太田美知彦 (Ohta Michihiko) - an Endless tale/和田光司&AiM 作編曲, つばさ 作編曲・歌, ウィニング・ラン!-風になりたい-/山形ユキオ 作編曲
  • 矢吹俊郎 (Yabuki Toshirou) - hesitation/林原めぐみ 作編曲, 邪魔はさせない/奥井雅美 作編曲
  • 佐藤英敏 (Satou Hidetoshi) - Give a reason/林原めぐみ 作曲, I'll be there/林原めぐみ 作曲
  • 五島翔 (Goshima Shou) - 限りない欲望の中に, I & Myself, Lively Motion/林原めぐみ 編曲, READY GO! 熱血最強キングゴウザウラー/SAURERS 作曲
  • 大久保薫 (Ookubo Kaoru) - My Tomorrow/AiM 作編曲, Days-愛情と日常-/AiM 作編曲, Still I love you... (surface ver.)/栗林みな実 編曲, その声が聴きたくて/南春香(佐藤利奈)、南夏奈(井上麻里奈)、南千秋(茅原実里) 作編曲
  • 飯塚昌明 (Iizuka Masaaki) - 涙の理由/栗林みな実 作編曲, Blue tears/栗林みな実 作編曲, Crystal Energy/栗林みな実 編曲, ふたりが忘れない/美郷あき 作編曲
  • 西田マサラ (Nishida Masara) - かりぬい/能登麻美子 作編曲, 願いのとき/高橋美佳子 編曲, 美しければそれでいい/石川智晶 編曲
  • 岡崎律子 (Okazaki Ritsuko) - Good Luck!/林原めぐみ 作詞・作曲・コーラスアレンジ, 空の向こうに/笠原弘子 作詞・作曲
  • 伊藤真澄/七瀬光 (Itou Masumi / Nanase Hikaru) - Transparent/KOKIA 編曲, 嘆きの音/KOKIA 編曲
  • 梶浦由記 (Kajiura Yuki) - 暁の車/FictionJunction YUUKA 作詞・作編曲, nowhere/FictionJunction YUUKA 作詞・作編曲, 光の旋律/Kalafina 作詞・作編曲
  • 黒石ひとみ (Kuroishi Hitomi) - Over The Sky, Continued Story
  • 高瀬一矢 (Takase Kazuya) - LOVE A RIDDLE/KOTOKO 作編曲, Second Flight/KOTOKO&佐藤裕美 作編曲, 鳥の詩/Lia 編曲
  • 中沢伴行 (Nakazawa Tomoyuki) - agony/KOTOKO 作編曲, 覚えてていいよ/KOTOKO 作編曲, 琥珀/KOTOKO 作編曲
  • C.G mix - 秋爽/KOTOKO 作編曲, Geoglyphs/KOTOKO 作編曲
  • 上松範康 (Agematsu Noriyasu) - if/佐藤裕美 作編曲, Trickster/水樹奈々 作編曲, Heart-shaped chant/水樹奈々 作編曲, MARIA&JOKER/水樹奈々 作編曲, 深愛/水樹奈々 作曲
  • 藤間仁 (Fujima Hitoshi) - 深愛/水樹奈々 編曲, 恋色空/森川由綺(平野綾) 作編曲
  • 虹音 (nijine) - 時すでに始まりを刻む/栗林みな実 作編曲, 君の中の英雄 (ballade version)/栗林みな実 編曲, いのちなんだよ/ネネ(高垣彩陽) 編曲
  • ats- - ☆the starry sky☆/HΛL 作編曲, Destiny Sky/若井友希 作編曲
  • * (See also my lists of favourite songs: Anime / Non-anime/others)

Favourite modern composers/arrangers and soundtracks/instrumentals: (See also my essay on soundtrack composers)
  • 斉藤恒芳 (Saitou Tsuneyoshi) - 蒼穹のファフナー (Fafner in the Azure), Relaxing Piano (piano arrangements of various songs and pieces)
  • 平野義久 (Hirano Yoshihisa) - 戦う司書 The Book of Bantorra, ブレイク ブレイド BROKEN BLADE
  • 千住明 (Senju Akira) - RED GARDEN, 鋼の錬金術師 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST
  • 大島ミチル (Oojima Michiru) - シュヴァリエ ~Le Chevalier D'Eon~, 絶園のテンペスト (zetsuen no Tempest)
  • 光宗信吉 (Mitsumune Shinkichi) - あさっての方向。 (asatte no houkou.)
  • 佐橋俊彦 (Sahashi Toshihiko) - シムーン (Simoun), GUNSLINGER GIRL
  • 天野正道 (Amano Masamichi)
  • 松尾早人 (Matsuo Hayato)
  • 浜口史郎 (Hamaguchi Shirou)
  • FINAL FANTASY VI GRAND FINALE / 植松伸夫, 鷺巣詩郎, 斉藤恒芳
  • * (See also my essay on soundtrack composers and list of favourite tracks)

CD albums that I listen to a lot (excluding singles and soundtracks; see also my song lists: Anime / Others):
  • Baroque Best / TWO-MIX
  • 羽-hane-, 硝子の靡風, UZU-MAKI / KOTOKO
  • Love Letter, DIABOLOS / Gackt
  • 時空 / Rin'

Favourite anime (not in order):
  • シュヴァリエ ~Le Chevalier D'Eon~, R.O.D THE TV, Scrapped Princess, 精霊の守り人 (seirei no moribito),
  • MONSTER, Les Miserables shoujo Cosette, MS Gundam: The 08th MS Team,
  • KURAU Phantom Memory, Witch Hunter ROBIN, DARKER THAN BLACK, Elfen Lied, Ergo Proxy,
  • PLANETES, Starship Operators, 無限のリヴァイアス (Infinite Ryvius), 蒼穹のファフナー (Fafner in the Azure),
  • コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ (Code Geass), Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~,
  • true tears, あの花 (anohana), WHITE ALBUM, NANA, 彩雲国物語 (saiunkoku monogatari), 十二国記 (The Twelve Kingdoms),
  • 新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ OVAシリーズ (Future GPX Cyber Formula OVA Series),
  • 秒速5センチメートル a chain of short stories about their distance. (5cm/s)
  • [...and many others.]

Favourite video games (not in order):
  • Chrono Trigger, FFVI, FFVIII, FFX, FFXII (IZJS), Xenosaga III, .hack//GU, Last Remnant, Tales of Phantasia,
  • Gundam Journey to Jaburo, Gundam Lost War Chronicles (PS2), Votoms (PS2), biohazard4, Gurumin,
  • Cross Hermit, Growlanser series, Radiant Historia, Soul Edge, ...

Last updated: 4/2013

Peter C.F. Chan
Information Engineer

Currently studying in Cambridge for a PhD in Image understanding and Object recognition using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform-based methods.

Also teaching undergraduate (M.Eng) Medical Imaging & 3D Computer Graphics.

Previous M.Eng Project: Still Image Stabilisation

  • Circumventing blur due to camera shake by using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform registration and an optimal combination of an image sequence taken in quick succession.

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