Music Score.楽譜

All sheet music here are transcribed and arranged by me for educational purpose. Mostly for piano or vocal with piano accompaniment, some with strings. There are also a few string ensemble scores, (simple) orchestral scores, and band scores.



Music Score


J-Pop Japanese popular music in the broadest sense (not the specific genre). Sorted by artist name (surname first if in Japanese).
J-Drama Japanese TV Drama theme songs and soundtracks. Sorted by title.
Anime Anime theme songs and soundtracks. Sorted by title.
Game Video game theme songs and soundtracks. Sorted by title.
Misc. Music that do not fit into the above categories, including Japanese indie, VOCALOID original songs, instrumentals, older Japanese songs, Chinese songs, and non-Japanese soundtracks.
Original Music composed and arranged by Sperion or in collaboration.
Incomplete An incomplete, outdated and unsorted list of ongoing / incomplete / dropped work.


The scores are often made to include as much information as possible. They can often be simplied for ease of performance or reduction of instruments. For example, the violin part in a piano + voice + violin score may be omitted or absorbed into the piano for a piano + voice version. In addition, the vocal part (melody) may be adapted for other instruments.

The midi files are output from the scores with Finale Human Playback, without any manual programming, so they do not necessarily reflect how the scores should sound. I recommend only using the midi to get an idea of the notes. Use your own judgement while interpreting the scores. The scores contain minimal notations for dyanmics/tempo/articulation/style/fingering, which I believe would allow flexibility for the performer (and less clutter).

The mp3 files (if available) are made from the midi using timidity++ and various publicly available soundfonts. I try to make them sound as good as possible with little tweaks and usually without being specific to any piece of music. Due to limitations of the website host, I can only upload heavily compressed and shortened mp3 files, but I hope they are still worth comparing to, especially if you are not used to configuring midi players.

Older scores tend to be less well transcribed and notated. Check the "last modified" column.

Instrument abbreviations and my transcription attributes:

Instrument abbreviations: (Those not listed here are written in full.)
vovoice (backing vocal in brackets)
e.hnenglish horn
a.gtracoustic guitar
e.gtrelectric guitar
b.gtrbass guitar
dsdrum set (optional if in brackets)
Attributes for the two rightmost columns:
Type of transcription (in order of decreasing faithfulness, determined by the less faithful part of a score; note that faithfulness does not equal quality of arrangement):
EExact transcription or almost exact reduction: (Nearly) the same (complete or part) score as the original arrangement of a recording (which may itself be an arrangement by other musicians). There may be some substitution of instruments but the notes are altered minimally. For an almost exact reduction, the original parts can usually be identified from the score. The score sounds the same as or very similar to the original.
RReduction/contraction: The original arrangement of a recording is adapted for significantly fewer or different instruments, with minimal changes/addition of notes. Sections may be taken from different versions of the original. The score sounds very similar to the original.
AArrangement: Some parts are arranged differently from the original recording while keeping a similar overall impression (i.e. I wrote a significant part of the score with notes not from the original but in a similar style). Ideas may be taken from different versions of the original. (Some people refer to this as "transcription".) The score sounds similar to the original.
VVariation/re-arrangement: Entire different arrangement from an original recording. (Some refer to this as "arrangement".)
OOriginal: Not a transcription or arrangement. Composed by me.
Comments (not mutually exclusive):
SRecommended: good music and/or good arrangement and/or good score. This is only my opinion, and those without an "S" may also be good (otherwise I would not have made them). I hope this will help people looking for good pieces. If you found a piece you like, you may also want to check out other arrangements of the same melody or music by the same composer.
SSRecommended!!!: as above, narrowing down the very best ones.
XUse with caution: Some parts of the score are impossible to play normally; requires modification/omission of some notes or more instruments, according to the performer's needs. The score may be badly notated.
ZNot recommended: I consider it a bad or incomplete arrangement/score which needs more work (even though the original is probably good music!).
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