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Music scores (approx. count): J-Pop (140), J-Drama (41), Anime (665), Game (53), Misc. (13), Original (33) ... [Unfinished MIDI]
Currently working on Compositions: (looking for lyricists, or just any ideas for lyrics for all new and old original songs)
Currently working on Arrangements and transcriptions: ? not much, busy. (Not-so-)Recent unfinished work:
  • new scores: Game: shironeko Project - 幻夢 (genmu) [pf], 飛行島の懐かしき日常 (hikoujima no natsukashiki nichijou) [pf]

  • new score: Anime: shinsekai yori - Last Letter [pf]

  • new score: Original: véracité / Sperion [vo+cho+shakuhachi+koto+shamisen+key+2vln+vla+vc+e.gtr+b.gtr+ds] [YouTube feat. Megpoid]

  • I have been rather busy recently (as evident from the updates), and will continue to be for some time. I hope I will still be able to do some music, but do not expect much. Apologies if email replies are late, and do send me reminders if you need a response from me.


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